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The Princess and Pea Podcast

with Annie Crowe

A platform for authentic conversations with incredible neurodivergent humans and our allies, about how we show up in the world and how we can make a more inclusive society that celebrates and supports neurodiversity.

Annie is a proud autistic ADHDer with hEDS (zebra) who speaks loudly about her own lived experience in an effort to help others on their own journey to understand neurodivergence.

She is a strong proponent of the Neurodiversity Paradigm, which is based on the concept that neurodiversity is a natural and necessary form of diversity needed for society the thrive (just like biodiversity) and that the idea of a “normal” or “healthy” brain is actually a social construct.

Join Annie in chatting to many wonderful neurodivergent humans on her journey to radical self-acceptance and creating a neurodiversity-affirming world!

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Listening to you made me book in for an autism test.


I'm an ADHDer and I never realised what autism in girls actually looks like.


I felt really seen.


Wow! I'm just so proud to know someone like you is advocating for us.


You spoke so eloquently and explained yourself (and us) so clearly. It was confronting to be so understood by a stranger but also warmth in knowing my huge emotions mean I get to love my daughter bigger and protect my loved ones more fiercely.

Keep doing what you're doing. It matters and it helps and you are reaching people who need it. Lots of love to you. xx


I'm an ND psych and Eating Disorder survivor and absolutely loved your interview on The Neurodivergent Woman podcast.

Thank you for speaking up and raising awareness for so many of us left behind.


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